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Portable Kitchen Buildings for Hire

Do you need a temporary portable kitchen for refurbishment of an aged care facility or hospital, mining camp or other application?

  • 15 metre x 4 metre single floor building, without need for complexing
  • Region D for Northern regions
  • 15 metre x 8 metre complexed mess/dining building as an optional facility
  • Kitchens designed to cater up to 400-500 people so you dont need to lease extra kitchens
  • 9.9 Kw Daikin Reverse Cycle Air Conditions in modules, allowing consolidation on power within structures.  Each unit is independent, giving business continuity through diversity and better control over HVAC requirements.
  • More than double the space of a 20 foot container kitchen at a competitive price

For more mobile or limited space applications, visit our range of Off-Road Caravan Series kitchens or Pipeliner

Equipment – 15 x 4 Kitchen (Northwest Specification- Region D)

  • Quick Recovery Gas Deep Fryer
  • Quick Recovery Electric Deep Fryer
  • Bratt Pan
  • Electrolux Gas Combi Oven (10 tray)
  • Electric Convection Oven
  • 6 Burner Gas Range with Oven
  • Alto Shaam Cook/Hold Unit
  • Hot Box
  • Gas Griddle
  • Gas Char Grill
  • Wok Burner
  • 2 x Microwave
  • 2 x Double Door Fridge
  • Double Door Freezer
  • Double Sink and Hand Basin
  • Hood Dishwasher with Exit Bench
  • Hot Water Hose Reel
  • Air Curtains
  • Filtered ventilation inlets – Minimises canopy extraction of cool, air-conditioned air
  • Gas Leak Detection System

15 x 8 Complexed Mess

  • Two 15 x 4m floors
  • Designed to sit beside 15x4m Kitchen
  • Seating capacity for up to 80 with service and crib areas
  • Data and TV Cabling
  • In-Floor GPOs for service equipment

BBB Northwest 4x15 Kitchen

BBB Northwest 4×15 Kitchen (Click to Download)

BBB 4x15 Southwest Kitchen

BBB 4×15 Southwest Kitchen [SOLD – No longer in fleet](Click to Download)