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Rapid Mobilisation

Do you have a site that’s raring to mobilise?  We are experienced in deploying Accommodation, Kitchens, Mess, Laundry and Ablution facilities at short notice so you can focus on your core business needs.

BBB Remote Site Services are equipped with Accommodation, Mobile Kitchens, Cool Rooms, Freezers, Skullery, Storerooms, Mess Facilities along with Laundry and Ablution facilities, available at short notice depending on your site requirements, location and our current deployments.

Case Study: Laverton

A start up camp, with 48 hour response from receiving the call we had mobilised one of our mobile kitchen facilities on site from Perth – Laverton, with food and served personnel their first dinner.

BBB continued operating this site for weeks: breakfast, lunch and dinner.   Always delivering service beyond expectations, we assisted with OH&S  standards for the management of the site.  The client have had their own kitchens made (fixed buildings for the long term camp), employed their own chefs, and we integrated the service for them.

Demonstrating patience in a difficult environment, BBB assisted the site managers, became part of the team, recognised and understood that everything takes time, especially under such extreme circumstances.

We have this to be ready for rapid on-site deployment.

Our clients’ in mining and construction all demand rapid mobilisation.  For most, the milestone of first production, be it pouring a slab or pouring gold is important in securing investor/stakeholder confidence and acquiring access to ongoing project funding.  BBB understand this requirement.  Our simple accounting and quotation processes transparently and objectively provide everything required for project management and forward estimation.

Well educated and experienced of what setup takes, we become part of your team, not a whingy caterer worried about the circumstances!  BBB are completely adaptable and change as necessary to meet even the harshest conditions.  We understand the difficult phase of construction and early setup, and come prepared with a wealth of experience, processes and workflows to simplify this stage.

Rapid mobilisation is our way of thinking – we keep equipment ready to go so that it isn’t on long term hire – specifically short term .  You advise where you want it, and we can be there.  We keep equipment on site as a strategy so we can be where you need us and so you can apply for proposals within short deadlines with confidence.