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BBB Caravan Series Pipeliner

The BBB Pipeliner is an all-in-one Kitchen, Laundry and Bathroom solution. Combined with our 4 bedroom Caravan Series Accommodation, The Pipeliner is your cost-effective complete answer for small crews of up to 20 personnel building roads, laying pipe or exploring new ground.


  • External Dimensions 2400mm wide x 9100mm long, 1600mm draw bar
  • Total internal Dimensions 2300mm x 9000mm
  • 50mm insulated wall panels for energy efficiency
  • Rapid mobilisation permits immediate project commencement
  • Easily re-mobilised to the next location
  • No building permits required
  • Exterior solar light fitted above each door
  • Digital locks on exterior doors
  • Checker plate on front, sides and back of vehicle
  • Fold away step sot each door
  • Industrial flooring
  • Telescopic lift points for easy transport and tie downs for severe conditions
  • Aerodynamic nose cone
  • Robust Steel Frame Chassis
  • Designed to prevent dust entering during transit
  • Comprehensive set of spare parts and tools for remote repair
  • LPG Gas Hot Water System
  • Redundant Hot Water system configured for automatic failover
  • Accommodates 45Kg and 9Kg gas supplies to accommodate regional supplies
  • Gas Safety Alarm System


  • Kitchen with internal dimensions 4730 x 2300mm
  • Comfortable food service for up to 30 personnel
  • Air Command Ibis single phase reverse cycle air conditioning
  • LPG 4 burner commercial gas range with oven
  • Commercial grade electric oven
  • Heavy duty shelving
  • Double door commercial fridge
  • Double door under bench commercial freezer
  • 306L chest freezer
  • Sliding servery hatch
  • Single bowl sink bench with undercounter dishwasher
  • Water treatment equipment for hard water
  • Easily connected water services, 12mm supply host connections and 100mm grey and black water outlets
  • All environmental hygiene standards applied
  • Coving around flooring
  • Stainless steel splash backs
  • Stainless steel exhaust canopy and surrounding oven
  • Kitchen door has window for safety, blind and fly screen
  • Servery window with tinting
  • Checker plate flooring provides a non-slip, durable, easy to clean working environment
BBB Caravan Series Pipeliner

Rev. 2 Pipeliner with Combi and Deep Fryer


  • 2 Mine spec Speed Queen Commercial Washer/Dryers
  • 8Kg Washer, 9Kg Dryer, full wash in 30 minutes
  • Cupboard and trough
  • Industrial vinyl floors minimise cleaning and maintenance


  • 2 Individual bathrooms
  • Occupied light advises others bathroom is being utilised
  • 2 Fans
  • Toilet, Basin and Shower per bathroom
  • Mirror
  • Stainless steel soap dispenser
  • Stainless Steel paper towel dispenser
  • Stainless Steel clothes hooks
  • LED safety light activates if power supply fails
  • Glass door showers
  • 6 star rated shower rose

NEW – Revision 2 High Capacity Kitchen Upgrade Model Available

  • 10 Tray Electrolux Gas Combi Oven
  • Quick Recovery Gas Deep Fryer
  • Two double door fridges (in lieu of chest freezer)
  • Optional Goslyn Grease and Waste removal – No requirement for a grease trap on remote sites
  • 4 Domestic Washer/Dryer laundry in leiu of 2 x Commercial (Weight restriction with kitchen equipment)
  • Support a much larger number of personnel on site, or team up with our Off-Road Mobile Kitchen as a preparation area

Rev. 2 Pipeliner with Combi and Deep Fryer

BBB Caravan Series Pipeliner

Rev. 2 Pipeliner with Goslyn Grease Removal