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Caravan Series Dining

BBB’s Caravan Series Dining facility, also referred to by industry as a crib or mess, has seating space for 18 guests seated on bar stools sounded by a stainless steel breakfast bar. The Dining facility is complemented with a convenient buffet service area completely designed from lightweight stainless steel with well-planned storage space under service tables.


  • External dimensions of 9000mm x 2400mm, 1600mm draw bar
  • Internal dimensions of 8900mm x 2300mm
  • 18 Bar stools including footrest and robust vinyl cover designed for comfort
  • Stainless steel breakfast bar
  • 1 door fridge convenient for dairy and drinks
  • Self-service coffee and tea section
  • Self-serve hot and cold bain marie sections
  • Main entry 900mm wide door located at rear of vehicle
  • Emergency single door located at opposite end
  • Commercial vinyl flooring
  • 50mm insulated wall panels for energy efficiency
  • 9 windows with fly screens and blinds to create ambience
  • Air conditioning
  • Large flat screen TV with integrated DVD
  • Free to air TV aerial and connections
  • 50mm tow ball
  • Aerodynamic nose cone
  • Robust Steel Frame
  • Checker plate on front, sides and back of vehicle
  • Fold away main entry steps and hand rails
  • Comprehensive set of tools for remote repair
BBB Caravan Series Dining Facility
BBB Caravan Series Dining Facility
BBB Caravan Series Dining Facility
Caravan Series DiningBBB Caravan Series Dining Facility