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Caravan Series Amenities

The BBB Caravan Series Amenities is a mobile bathroom featuring 4 private bathrooms and a urinal for the ultimate in on-site comfort .

Released in 2020, the new BBB Caravan Series Amenities Rev. 2 features 6 individual showers and 4 individual toilets.  This new configuration provides the maximum capacity possible.

  • 4 Bathrooms per Unit
  • Urinal at front of unit
  • External dimensions 2400mm wide x 8200mm long, 1600mm drawbar
  • 50mm insulated wall panels for energy efficiency
  • Proximity sensors alert personnel to private bathroom occupancy
  • Industrial flooring
  • Internal pump for unpressurised water supply or pressurised inlet
  • Inlets standard at 25mm
  • Separate Grey and Black water outlets, 100mm each terminating at rear of vehicle
  • Exterior solar light fitted above each door
  • Digital locks on exterior doors
  • Tool box with maintenance and repair equipment and spare tyre
  • Checker plate on front, sides and back of vehicle
  • Sophisticated stabilisers ensure personal comfort
  • Fold away steps to each room
  • Telescopic lift points for easy transport
  • 50mm tow ball, twin axle
  • Aerodynamic nose cone
  • Designed for ground clearance of regional terrain
  • Robust Heavy Duty Steel Frame

BBB Caravan Series Amenities Toilet View
BBB Caravan Series Amenities Power Inlets

BBB Caravan Series Amenities Rear View

Caravan Series Accommodation Flyer

Caravan Series Amenities Overview (Click to Download)

BBB Caravan Series AmenitiesBBB Caravan Series Amenities Exterior