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I am pleased to provide this reference for work undertaken by BBB Remote Site Services.
BBB Remote Site Services ‘BBB’ was engaged by BCI Minerals Limited in January 2021 to supply and install 11 accommodation buildings, one laundry container, one gym building and one office building at BCI’s Mardie salt and potash project, which is located around 1.5 hours south of Karratha, Western Australia.
The construction-based works provided by BBB included the coordination, management, and mobilisation of;
o Transportation of facilities and personnel to site
o Cranage
o Detailed earth works
o Building’s placement and cyclonic tie downs
o Procurement of all materials
o Installation of underground hydraulic services (both potable and waste)
o Installation and energisation of underground electrical services (including the supply of 3 electrical distribution boards)
o Concrete pathways
o Installation of verandas (structurally engineered to region D)
The exploration village extension works where all carried out to meet the relevant and applicable standards, including the engineering of cyclonic wind region D building tie downs.
Overall, the BBB team (including their sub-contractors) preformed and executed well, with a high degree of professionalism. The BBB Remote Site Services team followed the BCI site instructions and safety protocols, with no reportable incidents or accidents.

Josh Vinci, Area Project Engineer, BCI Minerals

BBB Remote Site Services (BBBRSS) were engaged by the Highway Construction/Albem Operations
Joint Venture (HAJV) in March 2018 to provide a 56 man construction camp and the catering and
cleaning services for a project duration of 14 months.
The camp was constructed using a combination of HAJV and BBBRSS resources using design and
approvals obtained by BBBRSS ahead of time. Approvals and design were modified throughout the
construction process to accommodate site offices and maintenance facilities for both HAJV and the
client. The camp consisted of ERGO en-suited buildings in a four room and two room configuration.
The accommodation was supported by a large commercial kitchen, refrigerated container, ablutions,
laundry’s and a container waste water treatment plant.
The catering and cleaning services were provided to a high standard by professional staff
experienced in construction camp operation. The high standard of the construction camp and
services contributed towards HAJV achieving a high level of staff retention and client satisfaction.
At the end of the project BBBRSS provided flexible arrangements to allow the camp to remain open
with small numbers to allow finishing activities to be fully completed prior to de-mobilisation.

John Powell, Construction Manager, HighwayALBEM Joint Venture (HAJV)

CPB engaged BBB Remote Site Services to supply accommodation and meals for up to 64
persons at their Moora camp during the construction of the road upgrade project - Miling
Straights over the period October 2017 to July 2018.
CPB acknowledges the efforts of BBB staff on site and management to make the stay for our
personnel safe and welcoming. BBB provided quality services for catering and cleaning and
were flexible to suit our project requirements especially during the times when construction
work was scaled back due to inclement weather as well as over the Christmas period.
BBB staff have been courteous and attentive to our customers catering to various changing
scenarios during the course of the project. Monthly billing has been professional and
organized. Halal and other special dietary requirements have been well catered too.
CPB sincerely thank the BBB team for their services provided in relation to the Miling
Straights project and look forward to future opportunities to work together.

Shahid Zia, Construction Manager (Earthworks), CPB Contractors