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BBB Remote Site Services Laundry/Storeroom facilities contain only the highest quality fittings to ensure reliable, continuous operation in the harshest, most remote regional locations. Our clients have the option of self service facilities or BBB Remote Site Services Laundry Service on site for self sustaining remote locations.


  • Modern, reliable, Maytag commercial washing machines and dryers
  • Detergent delivery systems minimise waste and maintain reliability
  • Building split between laundry and storeroom provides both essential requirements
  • Storeroom fitted with extensive high capacity steel shelving
  • Standard fitting of 5 washing machines and 4 dryers
  • Customisable to your exact requirements
  • Efficient reverse cycle air conditioners
  • PVC strip doors maintain cool air inside
  • Twin troughs
  • Industrial vinyl floors minimise cleaning and maintenance
  • Ironing facilities
  • High capacity electric hot water systems
  • Spare HWS, washer and dryer on site for contingency
  • Green options available for water and electrical supply
Laundry Inside

Laundry/Storeroom Outside